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Wake up and smell the decline
Did you see that?
Wanna taste it, try it?
Whenever you sigh
You see that your fury grows

Wake up and see like our enemy
Rose while you slept
And with impunity machinate
Draws vilest plans

Do you let or stand up for dreams of ideals
without which you can not imagine life - life - life

Corruption Decay
Hate this whoesome world

Prey Obey
You're crowd of a selfish nerds


What leads your life
That you can't ever see, ever know
Can not ever suspect
Just forget

Why does it feel more real
When I dream
Why can't I

Stay there
Live nowhere
Be the sky
Fade out now

You can not mistake
Because it implies your choice
But that's the gift of destiny
They can not make for you

Every time you wake
Dyer paints your mind with bound colors
Like a blinker on your gaze
It helps to make your life


And there's no mistake
You think you're living too fast to muse

That you exist like a houseplant
You exist like a houseplant

Your life is nothing
Your death is an act

And all what will remain
Is just a fertilizer

You exist like a houseplant
You exist like a houseplant

I can see your flight
Once you fought your indolence
Everytime your hide
You will start to fall

Water Spud Weed Fertilizer

I keep improving myself
I'm just keep going forward

And there's no time to
Play no games
Pray no names
Stand aside
Of your life

Now you feel the public attention
Till the end of your pathetic life
And you seek the ways of escape
From the life of houseplant




from Gravity, released January 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Deptera Moscow, Russian Federation

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